Is Habit & Home a magazine?
No. It is a society/culture blog, featuring an ever-growing collection of stories from contributors sharing details of their personal lifestyles.

Can anyone submit their stories and/or photographs to be published on Habit & Home?
Yes! We happily accept submissions that contain unique content not previously published anywhere else.

Will my submission automatically be published?
Although we accept and review all submissions, unfortunately, not all will be guaranteed placement. If we feel your story and/or photographs are a good fit for our readership, we will contact you via email.

When will I know if my submission has been accepted or not?
You will be contacted directly via email if your submission is one we would like to feature. Unfortunately, the submissions that do not contain the content we are looking for will be passed on, however, we do encourage you to try submitting your work to other sites!

Do you accept and/or publish submissions for trade, paid sponsorship, or any other type of promotion or compensation?
We will consider publishing content for one of the above mentioned methods, as long as the submitted work fits in with the aesthetic of the rest of the website.

Am I responsible for providing a photograph to go along with my story, or vice versa?
No. You need only submit the work you feel best represents what you are trying to convey. If you submit a story and do not include a photograph to go along with it, one with related content will be selected for you as a visual component to accompany your piece.

Alternatively, if you know someone you would like to collaborate with, you are more than welcome to do so by letting us know their role in your submission, and include their contact info so we can verify.

Do I need to own the rights, or have permission to use the writing/photographs I submit?
Absolutely. We will not publish someone else's work if they do not approve its use.


What should I write about?
As long as you stick with the main themes of habit and/or home, you can write about whatever you like! The beauty lies in the fact that there are so many directions one could go in when writing about these topics, and we look forward to hearing your unique take on the subjects!

Still not sure? Check out our list of topic ideas here.

Does my story need to be a certain length?
There is no mandatory length requirement for story submissions. Just as long as there is a clear message, the length is not an issue.

If selected, will my story be edited before being published?
We go over all selected stories before publishing to review and correct spelling and grammar, and to ensure continuity.


If I submit only photographs, how will they be published if they are selected?
A private gallery will be curated of photographs we receive that spark something in us. They will eventually be published alongside a story or quote containing related content authored by a fellow creative, giving credit to both the photographer and the author.

What kind of photographs have the best chance of being selected by Habit & Home?
We generally gravitate towards photographs that evoke a sense of nostalgia or whimsey, with focuses on people, homes, cities, nature and/or food, that have been shot in natural light (no color-distorting filters), or moody night scenes.

Do my photos have to relate to the written story I submit?
If you are submitting photos to accompany a written story, we do prefer that the photos submitted are related in some way, or could be interpreted as being related, to the content of the story you submit. 

Do my photos need to be a certain size in order to be published?
Yes, we ask that all images submitted have a minimum resolution of 150 DPI, with a width of at least 800 pixels. 

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