Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And these are the last batch of my favorite photos from our trip...these were all taken once we got to Tahoe!

This was taken while driving, close to getting to our hotel in Tahoe. It was amazing how many trees there were! As far as the eye could see...and they were all covered in snow. It was like a dream.

I had to take a picture of this car because it says "Hella" next to the head lights...and that word reminds me of my friend Sarah. I just thought it was funny :)

I was beyond excited to be out playing in the snow...can you tell?

The snow was more than 4 feet deep in certain places! It was kinda scary/fun not knowing where you could walk and where you would sink in.

We made our way down to this little creek...it was really pretty to see all the snow that had gathered on the banks and rocks in it.

I love this picture because of how crazy the trees look behind me. (I was jumping off a hills of snow I climbed, to see how deep I would sink in when I landed lol)

Eating snow was my favorite!

I refused to fall completely in the snow like he did...the thought of doing that was just waayyy too cold for me.

Trudging our way through a couple feet of snow was a wonderful workout. So tiring!

On our way out of Tahoe, Anthony wanted to get a photo on the shore of the lake. While he was getting his shot, I was testing the strength of the ice that had formed on the egde...

So there you have it! A recap of our trip through photos :) Hope you enjoyed it!

p.s. A special hello to my newest followers...Kelly Jo, Ree Sea, Melanie, and Doina!


  1. Such a beautiful pictures. You look so in Love:) I really would like to check out Tahoe at some point. Maybe in the summer when there isn't any snow. I'm not a big fan of the snow, it's too COLD!! lol

  2. love ur pictures!! they are awesome :) :)
    ur so adorable!!!

  3. the pictures are so cute! I love them, and the snow looks like clouds!! lol

  4. I love all the pictures from your recent trips, the san fran ones might be my fave :) what kind of camera do you use?

  5. Oh I use his...it's a Canon EOS 5D. And he was using one of the ones from his work, but I'm not exactly sure what kind it was. I know he mainly uses Canons though :)

  6. Love the picture of you in the snow! They're very lovely.

  7. All of your travel pics are awesome...
    I esp, love the one with you eating the snow, so adorable.
    In addition, you guys seem like anamazing couple.

  8. You look so happy, I love these photos!

  9. Beautiful dreamy snow pictures!

    I couldn't help smiling when I saw them :)

    hugs from little cold Iceland



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