Monday, August 16, 2010

So I was planning on just having a quiet bday dinner at home with Anthony last night...but apparently, he had other plans in mind. I swear, he is the best at surprising me in the most wonderful ways.

I get a call and he says, "Pack an overnight bag, I have a surprise for you!" He then ended up whisking me off to dinner at Mr Chow, and planned a night for us at the Beverly Hills Hotel! It was the perfect end to my birthday weekend.

Here's some photos taken throughout:

[bday present from my uncle and his girlfriend at the bbq on saturday]


[the boys]


[dinner sunday night at C & O Trattoria]

[so. much. food.]

[they pass out the lyrics to "That's Amore" and the whole restaurant breaks out in song!]

[MEGA MARGS at Cabo Cantina after dinner]

[surprise dinner at Mr Chow in Beverly Hills on monday night]

[all the food was so pretty...and my god was it good! these were our chicken potstickers]

[dressed live dungeness crab, with steamed veggies and rice on the side]

[black cherry tiramisu with raspberry die for.]

[brunch at the Polo Lounge in the hotel this morning]

Thanks so much to everyone who had a part in making this weekend so special! I love you all :D


  1. Awww, you're so pretty! it looks like you had a fantastic birthday- such lovely, happy pictures:)



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