Honeymoon // Land + Sea

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here are several pictures of our Honolulu adventures! We always seem to travel a lot by foot when we go on vacation, and this trip was no exception. We walked to a couple museums, an art gallery, and a palace. There is something so exciting about getting to explore new places by foot.

We didn't walk everywhere though. The last two days there, we rented a car and drove up to the North Shore, and stopped by beaches all along the east coast.

Other highlights included, snorkeling (without me noticing, a huge sea turtle rose up from the bottom and was swimming right under me, I screamed through my snorkel mouthpiece, and flailed/splashed out of the way once I looked down and realized it was there...Anthony and the boat staff on the other hand, found the situation quite amusing lol!), sunset catamaran rides, roadside rotisseries, discovering secret beaches, and falling asleep on the sand at night.

The final set of our honeymoon photos will be posted tomorrow.


  1. Whoa! Such beautiful photos! I especially love the trees.... breathtaking! :-D

  2. GORGEOUS! It looks like it was such an incredible honeymoon, and you are seriously glowing, Casey! I'm pretty sure the sea turtle would have scared the cr** out of me too, so I completely understand the mini freakout, haha!

    Kim, xo

  3. Thanks! And yeah, the trees were so beautiful!

  4. these are such beautiful photos! i love the *jumping ones ;) congrats on your wedding!



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