Thursday, January 22, 2015

Words & Photography
by Sofia Hellsten

I love traveling, leaving my own home and experiencing someone else’s. Then I return - to places like this. And I ask myself why I should ever leave.

An early morning this summer. On a sea so still I lost the ability to speak. A sea without horizon and waves. At a time when the temperature made it feel as if there no longer was any air around me. I did my best to drink in this moment, just fill myself with it - because it was one of those moments I never wanted to end. When the beauty of nature hit me right in the heart.

These moments of home are all around, every day. And I've made it a habit tying to capture them. This particular one was at the Bothnian sea, just outside Hälsingland on the east coast of Sweden.

Instagram: @shellsten


  1. So beautiful. I love seeing water but these images definitely take it a step further. I don't even have the words.



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