Home Is Where You Can Be Your True Self

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Words & Photography
by Emilie Van Camp

I believe the notion of "home" encompasses so many different and mixed feelings, that it is hard to define. Home can be happiness, sadness, daunting, lost, yearned, found...and everything at the same time. I believe "home" is where you can really be your true self, and where you feel you belong.

I am originally from Belgium, and I have lived in the UK for nearly four years now. I recently moved to London after spending nine unforgettable months in the Scottish Highlands.
This part of the world is simply magnificent and so generous - it shares everything with you...
My life there was just about the most beautiful experience I had. This part of the world is simply magnificent and so generous - it shares everything with you, even its most beautiful secrets! I believe this is where I found myself. It literally opened my eyes. The spectacle of the beauty surrounding you is just breathtaking, and you feel grateful to be able to be part of it. Time stops and the smile on your face never disappears.

I will return one day...


  1. I agree with you. It makes me think of when I am at my very home (the house I share with my parents and sister); I feel freer to be as I want to be. Whereas, when I am with strangers I cannot feel entirely 'unleashed'. Finding a real home place must be like that: finding a place where you can let your true self out... I am starting a quest to find that place; and I am glad you have found yours already. Nice post!


    1. Hello

      Sorry for the late answer I only just saw your post now...
      I wish you all the best of luck in your quest to find that lovely place we call home... Home is an important feeling to have in your life but know that you can find it anywhere and everywhere, just be yourself...

  2. I like your post because you talked about home in two different ways; first, a place where you live and second, the city where you live. To me it is a special experience to live in different cities because that shows you different ways of living. To me, it is important the city where I live because I think that the atmosphere influences in your mood, in the way that you walk in the street, in the type of things that you carry along with you, and mainly, in your general behaviour.

    1. Thank you for your comment sorry for the late answer I just saw your comment now...
      Yes the notion of Home is very tricky because I believe you can feel at home is so many different places...Is it where you live? where you were born? where your parents live? so many different answers...but I believe home is where you are happy and yourself. I hope you find it :)



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