Strolling Around Montmartre

Monday, April 13, 2015

Words & Photograhy
by Sisi Zheng

It is no secret that Paris is the City of Love and Lights - a city that is so full of incredible history and architecture, but there really is no way to describe the feeling of standing in the Trocadéro Gardens with the Eiffel right in front of you. That is precisely why when I sit here and flip through these photos, I’m constantly wondering if these moments actually occurred. Blessed to have been able to visit such a beautiful place, I feel, more and more (each day), that my January trip to this wonderful city was a dream. As I write this city guide, three months later, I’m glad I didn’t start writing right after my trip because as I present to you a collection of photographs from my favourite places in Paris, it feels like I am revisiting this glorious city again!

The only day that wasn’t cloudy during my week long visit, was the day I walked around Montmartre without a purpose. As I climbed the stairs to the Sacré Cœur, about 1/3 of the way with Georges Larnicol macarons in hand, I looked back and snapped a quick one of this beautiful facade across from the staircase.

There’s really something special about the way these buildings were constructed, every little detail and how unique each one is. Throughout my afternoon in Montmartre, I honestly lost my-self in these intricate designs and continuously clicked away with my camera. Moments like that are the times when you are thankful for digital photography. Here are some more shots of the architecture.

The one specialty Montmartre has to offer that you can’t really find in other parts of Paris, would have to be the elevation. Being situated on a hill, all the staircases in the area give quite the vantage point.

Throughout my whole trip, I planned out every single little detail - where I was going, where I was going to eat, where I was going to shop - but I enjoyed my extra day off in Montmartre as I found myself lost half the time with no destination. In a way, finding these little rooftop gardens, hidden galleries and zigzagging alleyways were essentially, my destination.

This street scene below is probably my favourite shot from my Paris collection. I remember tak-ing this specific one thinking it won’t turn out great, but boy was I mistaken. After all, you can’t possibly go wrong with Paris and black and white.

As the sunlight fell, I ended my day of wandering by watching the buildings being slowly covered in a shade of gold.


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