Cancun (Part 1)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our trip to Cancun was so amazing! I'm excited to finally share some of it with you! It's really hard to try to talk about everrryything we did (because we ended up doing a lot), but here are some of my favorite photos, so you can at least get an idea :)

[our first night there...juve, vanessa, anthony, and i walked down to the beach to feel the water and enjoy the warm breeze]

[day 2: we spent about 12 hours in the sun/water...i couldn't get enough of it!]

[went out to eat at bubba gump's that evening]

[i enjoyed my bourbon street mahi mahi]

[dinner at sunset, overlooking the lagoon]

[walked over to pat o'briens for drinks after dinner. ps...that drink is real and sold for $150! we didn't buy it, but wanted a picture with it lol]

[next stop was margaritaville]

[day 3: we booked an excursion to isla mujeres for the day. we spent half the ride there snorkeling]

[our own little oasis on the island]

[on the ride back, they let us jump in the ocean and swim next to the boat]

[almost at the dock]

[burritos for dinner...yum.]

[meet ana...our favorite bartender]

[day 3 ended with all of us on the beach again]


  1. Wow, it looks like you had SO much fun!!! :) So happy that you shared these photos with us - the water looks so pretty! And all the yummy food -- Cancun is now on my dream vacation list :)

  2. Yeah, the water was my favorite! Usually I'm a baby when it comes to cold water, and going in the ocean...but the water there was like 75 degrees, so they couldn't get me out of it! lol

  3. You look beautiful Cass! Thanks for sharing these :) xo

  4. Your pictures are soooo fantastic, it looks like you had a great time AND YOU ARE SUCh A HOTTIE!!! Also, you must have had the best sleep ever after 12 hours in the ocean and sun.

  5. No big deal that you have an amazing body ;) little jealous? ok, a lot jealous? ;)

    So happy you had a beautiful time!

    PS: your boyfriend's green shirt isn't from Old Navy is it? I bought my boyfriend that same exact shirt a little while ago & he absolutely loves it!



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