Cancun (Part 2)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The second half of our trip was spent going on yet another excursion. Then relaxing and enjoying the beach during our last days, and savoring the food at night.

[day 4: we went on an excursion to xel'ha...where we spent the day snorkeling, eating, interacting with dolphins and manatee, "river" rafting, and cliff jumping!]

[day 5: a quick trip to market 28...where the tacos were amaaazing]

[juve ordered the shrimp cocktail]

[our dinner view...this was right before the thunder storm hit lol]

[flaming dessert]

[cupid shuffle...up on stage at pat o'briens]

[photo with the staff]

[outside senor frogs]

[day 6: throughout the trip we came to realize that cats and iguanas were regular visitors at our resort, and around the city for that matter]

[one last drink with our favorite bartender]

[a little pier we found walking to the restaurant]

[lemon drop at the crab house- the best drink of the whole trip]

[juve's meal- pescado. can you see the teeth on that thing!?]

[dessert- cappuccino and the yummiest cheesecake ever]

[the crab house]

[and this pretty much sums up our last day of the trip and all 8 hours of plane travel]

I'm glad I got to share our trip with you! Hope you enjoyed the photos :)


  1. fun photos! i can't believe you let a bird sit on your shoulder! wild.

  2. that first photo is awsome! i think i would be too scared to let those things get so close.

  3. Yeah...they gave us the option to hold parrots, a toucan, and/or an iguana! It was pretty cool :)

  4. Aaahh! You need to frame that first picture, soooo beautiful! IT looks like such a fun time, and I also like the crab house picture. You two look so happy together:)

  5. amazing photos. sooo jealous!

  6. it looks like a wonderful trip! you all are beautiful!


  7. wow it looks like you had an amazing time! Great photos



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