Palm Springs

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A couple weekends ago, Anthony and I escaped to Palm Springs. Neither of us had been there before, but we both ended up loving it. The hotel we stayed at was amazing (nice rooms, a 24hr pool, and misters everywhere to keep cool under)! The temperature hit 109°, and never dipped below 80°, so we soaked up the sun by day, and made several ice cream stops at night.


  1. Has anyone ever told you that your fiancee looks like Jonathan Rhys Meyer? Cute pics! I've never been to Palm Springs. I gotta go one day!

    Melanie's Randomness

  2. Hahahah that's so funny you say that..yeah he has been told that before! When Anthony was first compared to him, I looked that guy up because I hadn't heard of him before, and it was SO weird because they do look strikingly similar!

    And yeah, you should go to Palm Springs! Its really nice, but reeeeaally hot :)

  3. That place looks define!

    And I don't think I've ever said this to any one, but with you guys I just can't resist: You make such a lovely couple!

  4. I've always wanted to go to Palm Springs. It looks so warm and relaxing.

  5. what beautiful pictures! you are gorgeous ... you both make a beautiful pair!

  6. A mini break to Palm Springs sounds excellent right about now. Anyway, you two are super adorbs!



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