French Jambon Beurre

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Words & Photography
by Jessi Agadoni

The Jambon Beurre—a classic French lunch treat that we couldn't get enough of while in Paris. Fresh baguettes slathered with butter and filled with creamy cheeses and cured meats. You may be familiar with the more traditional version consisting purely of butter and thinly sliced French ham. The simplicity of this version is incredible. French butter and ham are of a higher quality and complexity than what we have in the States, so the rich flavors are enough to captivate the palate.

It's been about 5 months since we were in Paris and I found myself missing it deeply. The sound of bustling men and women speaking quickly or softly in their beautiful language, the aroma of freshly baked pastries and large rounds of pungent aged cheese, the romantically detailed architecture, and the lovely relaxed pace of the local parks and gardens. I was so at home there.

Deep in my nostalgia, I began imagining a version of the Jambon Beurre with the ingredients in my kitchen. A little taste of France in my homeland would have to do the trick for now. I grabbed a fresh baguette and began mixing and matching flavors and textures till I was satisfied with my end result. It was a tearful creation, continually reminding me of the beauty across the sea. Until we meet again.

French Jambon Beurre

Fresh French Baguette, preferably made with traditional methods and organic grains
Golden Pastured Butter
Dijon or Stone Ground Organic Mustard
Imported French Brie, avoid Brie from the States unless it's from pastured Jersey cows, like Claravale Farm
Warm Sautéed Red Cabbage, find my recipe here
Italian Prosciutto

1. Slice your baguette open and slather the insides with butter and mustard.
2. Cut your Brie from the round, removing the rind if you prefer.
3. Layer the soft cheese along the bottom layer, then top with one or two prosciutto slices.
4. Complete the creation by stuffing the remainder of the space with the warmed cabbage.


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